Bristol Acupuncturist specialising in Acupuncture Bristol. Looking for Acupuncture in Bristol? Qualified practitioner Ian Robert Hope is available now for the treatment of a multitude of conditions including Emotional Distress, M.E and Fibromyalgia, Menstrual or gynaecological problems, and Skin Conditions.
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ian robert hope
Bsc (Hons); Lic. Ac; MBAcC
bristol acupuncture
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The Fishponds Practice, 834 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3XA
0117 949 1290 or 07810 210 487
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The web site Acupuncture Bristol and testimonials from clients who have benefitted from Acupuncture. It also details links to studies which have showed how Acupuncture can be measured, from a western perspective. I have found Acupuncture the disciplines I have learnt and the therapy which due to its powerful and accurate diagnostic tools, has been most successful in a clinical environment. UK Acupuncture Colleges. I currently teach students at The London College of Traditional Acupuncture, in the classroom and in the college clinic - Acupuncturist Availablility I offer my knowledge and availability by phone, text, e-mail for any questions you have throughout treatment. Why I Am An Acupuncturist I am available to discuss your acupuncture requirements before you commit to treatment and am prepared to spend up to 20 minutes by phone to ensure you are confident that Acupuncture is the most suitable treatment for your complaint. life-style in order to learn how to practice Acupuncture. I knew how much it could benefit my family, my friends and Please click on the above link if you are interested in using Acupuncture for fertility issues. Licentiate Diploma in Acupuncture following 3 years (Lic Ac) (MBAcC) Professional Qualification In Acupuncture College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. Registered with South Gloucestershire Council Full professional Indemnity Insurance Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure obtained. Safe Acupuncture Member of Professional Acupuncture Bodies and British Acupuncture Council. Member of The Society of Auricular Acupuncturists, local since 2004 I have been teaching at accredited I have been practising a to be the most successful of mix of my Acupuncture practice my experience qualifications complementary therapies since 1995. 4 years experience using Acupuncture Legal Disposable single use needles used. I value the reputation of Acupuncture Blood Donation Certificate issued Competent Acupuncturist. My Acupuncture Style Certificate in Education (PCET) - Year 1. In short, my , I felt less miserable and my physical symptoms improved. I realised that without the use of conventional medicine. Currently teaching Acupuncture Students at The London College of Traditional Acupuncture, in the classroom and in the college clinic. 3 years clinical and theory Acupuncture teaching experience. I work from my own clinic and offer flexible appointments. Emergency appointments available. for people with substance mis-use and addiction, at the Bristol Drugs Project I left the treatment feeling that something had actually made a difference to how I felt. Experienced Acupuncturist I have 10 years clinical experience. My disciplines include Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Reiki. Success rates and testimonials available for Infertility, Migraines, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Blood Pressure reduction etc. Flexible Acupuncture Clinic Times To this day, the sense of well-being I feel Philosophy of Acupuncture treatments gave me more energy and of my practice. I will not treat you for the sake of treating you. I will take responsibility for your health. I view working with you as a health partnership. I never thought that Acupuncture could have such a profound affect on my health and my life. Like many people, I was dissatisfied with my career, I worked long hours, didn't look after my diet, felt stressed and as a result, my physical and emotional health suffered. I had my first Acupuncture treatment in 1997 and although I didn't have too many expectations, I could feel so well to the extent that I changed my others. From my acupuncture treatments and the feedback I receive from my clients, continues to give me hope that Acupuncture will soon be an integral part of our health care service. Home Choosing Your Acupuncturist Why Acupuncture? What Is It For? How Does It Work? Diagnosis & Treatment Acupuncture Costs Acupuncture Bristol UK Acupuncture Bristol UK 2004-2007 Acupuncture Bristol UK
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Acupuncture can be used as a stand-alone therapy, as a complement to orthodox medicine or as a way of reducing or eliminating the need to take drugs.

The World Health Organisation has identified over 40 health problems that respond well to acupuncture treatment. These include:

Acupuncture is also an effective way of maintaining good health. It helps boosts the immune system, promotes a sense of wellbeing and brings harmony and health to body, mind and spirit.

Acupuncture, a holistic therapy

Acupuncture doesn't treat individual symptoms in isolation. Instead, it goes to the very root of your problem to address the underlying causes. This makes it an incredibly powerful treatment. As well as helping to resolve your immediate complaint, it revives you on every level - physical, emotional and spiritual.

 Everything Ian explained made perfect sense. At no stage did he try to persuade us into calling back to see him and even suggested that the advice he had already given may well be sufficient to help us on our way! 
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Your acupuncture practitioner

I am a fully qualified practitioner and member of the British Acupuncture Council. My Bristol acupuncture clinic is based at the Fishponds Practice.

Acupuncture, your questions answered

Choosing the right acupuncturist is important. That is why you are invited to book a FREE half-hour consultation with no obligation. This allows you to get to know me. Ask questions. Find out more about acupuncture and how it works.

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The Fishponds practice is easily accessible from north, south, east and west Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire. View map »

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