Acupuncture for health and wellbeing
Bristol Acupuncturist specialising in Acupuncture Bristol. Looking for Acupuncture in Bristol? Qualified practitioner Ian Robert Hope is available now for the treatment of a multitude of conditions including Emotional Distress, M.E and Fibromyalgia, Menstrual or gynaecological problems, and Skin Conditions.
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ian robert hope
Bsc (Hons); Lic. Ac; MBAcC
bristol acupuncture
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The Fishponds Practice, 834 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3XA
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"The time to start digging a well is before you feel thirsty"

This old Chinese proverb sums up one of the fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine - prevention is better than cure.

Acupuncture for health

Acupuncture maintains a healthy immune system to protect you from common ailments like coughs and colds. If you do catch an infection, you are more likely to take it in your stride.

Acupuncture for wellbeing

If you are feeling run down, acupuncture is an excellent pick-me-up. It helps you to sleep better, aids digestion and boosts your energy levels.

 I would highly recommend this therapy for anyone experiencing the stresses of modern life. 
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Acupuncture for balance

When you are balanced, you are happy and relaxed, you have the resources you need to face the world. It doesn't take much to disturb this equilibrium. By moving your energy or Qi, acupuncture brings balance back into your body and hence into your life.

Acupuncture to prevent injury

Athletes find that acupuncture helps their bodies to withstand the enormous strain of constant, repetitive exercise. You don't have to be a fitness fanatic to appreciate the same benefits. Anyone can use acupuncture to stop minor aches and pains from turning into something more serious.

One treatment now and again to keep you in tune

How often you have treatment is a personal decision. Some people come to the clinic every two or three months, others leave it longer. I have clients who make an appointment when the season changes. The impact of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in winter is well known, but seasonal change can affect you at any time of year.

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