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Bristol Acupuncturist specialising in Acupuncture Bristol. Looking for Acupuncture in Bristol? Qualified practitioner Ian Robert Hope is available now for the treatment of a multitude of conditions including Emotional Distress, M.E and Fibromyalgia, Menstrual or gynaecological problems, and Skin Conditions.
Bristol acupuncture  
ian robert hope
Bsc (Hons); Lic. Ac; MBAcC
bristol acupuncture
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The Fishponds Practice, 834 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3XA
0117 949 1290 or 07810 210 487
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 Ian brilliantly combines all elements of holistic healing into his treatment. 
S. Palmer - Bristol

Your initial consultation lasts up to 1½ hours to allow for a comprehensive review of your health. Subsequent treatments take from 45 minutes to an hour.

Your first appointment

  • We discuss your problem, its symptoms, treatments to date and your medical history.
  • We build up a picture of your general health including diet, digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels, work and social life.
  • I take your pulse, examine some physical indicators and investigate your emotional state.

All of this information collectively informs my diagnosis.

 With Ian I found myself able to discuss anything. Everything was met with total discretion and an unbiased opinion. 
Matt - Bristol

Acupuncture treatment tailored for you

Together we agree a treatment plan. I will always work at a pace that fits in with your expectations and goals. Every time we meet, we review your progress and I adapt your treatment accordingly. Depending on your complaint or personal preferences, we may combine acupuncture with other techniques such as Moxabustion, Cupping, Gua Sha or electro-acupuncture.


The needles are as fine as a hair, so you will barely notice them. How many are used, their location and how long they remain in place depends on the problem being treated.

Frequency and number of acupuncture treatments

Some conditions respond very quickly to acupuncture treatment, others take longer. Typically, you can expect to come weekly, then fortnightly, then once a month until no more treatment is required.

 Ian's approach and understanding helped put me at ease having been somewhat sceptical at this type of alternative treatment. 
Grace - Horfield, Bristol

The wider benefits of acupuncture treatment

Our discussions often reveal aspects of your life that may be affecting your health. This insight empowers you to make small but significant changes that will support your recovery and help to sustain it.

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